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平戸祐介 (Pf,Key) BIO JAPANESE

父親の所有する膨大な ジャズ・レコードを聴きながら育ち、中学生の頃からジャズピアニストとして活動を開始。
高校時代にはNYマンハッタン音楽院のサマー・ ワーク・ショップで トップ・レベル・コンボに抜擢され、最優秀賞を獲得。
高校卒業後渡米し、NYにあるニュースクール大学ジャズ科に進み、Walter Bishop Jr.に師事する。

1995年にはRichard Davis (Bs), Winard Harper (Ds)と共演、ジャパン・ツアーで成功を収める。大学卒業後に帰国、上京し、quasimodeを結成。国内外屈指のアーティスト群と共演を果たす。

2012年に自身初となるソロ作品 「Speak Own Words」をリリース。 個人活動を充実させるべく2015年2月をもってquasimodeが活動を休止、2015年にはピアノソロアルバムの決定盤2ndアルバム 「Voyage」をリリース。

2017年ソロプロジェクト「Yusuke Hirado Prospect」始動。
8月には、Yusuke Hirado Prospect 待望の第一弾「Heritage」をリリース。

平戸祐介 (Pf,Key) BIO CHINESE

受经营爵士酒吧的父亲和古典钢琴老师母亲的影响、4岁开始学习 钢琴。听着父亲的巨大留声机流淌出的美妙的爵士旋律,中学的时候 便开始了爵 士钢琴演奏生涯。 高中时代,获得纽约曼哈顿音乐学院SUMMER・WORK・SHOP 的最 高级别音乐比赛金奖。
高中毕业后赴美、进入纽约NEWS COOL大学爵士系深造、从 师于Walter Bishop Jr.。

1995 年作为Richard Davis (Bs), Winard Harper (Ds) 日本巡演成员,为演出的成功做出了贡献。
大学毕业后返回日本、在东京组乐队 quasimode。2012年发行了首张独立专辑 「Speak Own Words」并获得好评。
2015 年4月quasimode乐队解散,专心个人音乐活动,之后发行了第二张专辑 「Voyage」。

2017年 平户祐介音乐生涯揭开了新篇章 「Yusuke Hirado Prospect」启程。
8月、Yusuke Hirado Prospect 首项成果成功地发行了唱片「Heritage」

Yusuke Hirado (Pf,Key) BIO ENGLISH

Born in Nagasaki, Japan. Influenced by his father who was the owner of a Jazz Café and his mother who taught
Classical Piano, Hirado started playing piano from the age of 4. Nurturing his love for Jazz music by listening to his father's enormous record collection, Hirado started playing on stage when he was in Jr. High School.

During his High School years, he has participated in the Manhattan School of Music's summer work shop in New York, earning the highest award by playing in the top level combo. After graduating High School, he moved to America to attend the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in New York and he studied Jazz with Walter Bishop Jr. as his mentor. In 1995, he went on a very successful Japan Tour with Richard Davis (Bs) and Winard Harper (Ds). After graduating University he came back to Japan, moved to Tokyo and formed the jazz band "quasimode".

In 2012, he's released his first solo album "Speak Own Words", which was positively received by fans and critics. In February 2015, the band members put "quasimode" on hold to put more effort on their solo careers.
Hirado has released his second solo album, "Voyage", in April 2015.

In 2017, he has started his new solo project "Yusuke Hirado Prospect". His anticipated first album from this project "Heritage" has been released in August 2017.